rtr-head-shots-002Back in 2007 through 2008 I was one of the first Productivity Coaches in a Keller Williams Realty Market Center.  That year Keller Williams Realty International decided that any KW Market Center that had 150 or more Agents could have a Productivity Coach available to its Agents.  At that time there wasn’t a Coaching Manual to follow and we had to create our own.  There was an Educational Program for Agents called Camp 4-3-3.  I always taught its “Lead Generation” Class.    The class was about the importance of an Agents Database, creating one, building it up with names of people you met and have done business with and then staying “Top of Mind” with those names. This was based on a study of Top Agents around the country from many companies and shared this information in the book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”.  In the book it states that if the Real Estate Agent kept in touch with these people 33 times a year consistently over time, then for every 12 people in the Agents database, that Agent would get one repeat client and one referral client.

At that time, I did not know any Real Estate Agent contacting their database 33 times a year so I began implementing this practice into my Coaching Program.  One of my clients was a Family Team. The Executive Admin of that Team was Janet Burns. Janet is very smart and had her Team up and running with a 33 Touch Program in no time and the Team began seeing results immediately.

It didn’t take long for Janet to realize that she was onto something.  Real Estate Agents everywhere know that they need to stay in touch with the people in their database, staying “Top of Mind”, but were not doing it.  Janet decided to offer a service of marketing to Agents databases for them. Introducing Leverage into a Real Estate Agents business.  And so, it began.  The business started off well and had the potential to take off.  Janet needed help.  I saw this potential and with my sales background and marketing capabilities I asked Janet if we can become partners and take this business to a higher level.

static-schedule-greyIn 2010 our Company, 12 to2 Results was created.  That was the name of the company, based on the information in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book.  The problem was that no one knew what 12 to 2 Results meant.  So later we created a new name, Follow Up Results.  

Over the next 5 years Janet has moved on to help another large Real Estate business grow.  Follow Up Results has been growing since, changing, offering a better product and service to our Real Estate Agent Clients.  We can customize and give local content & market statistics matching our client’s geographic areas.  And now, we even acquired the ability to text out our marketing campaigns. Most of all, each Month we give our clients Leads of people in their database who are thinking about Buying or Selling a home.  Even if people are not ready to Buy or Sell a home, it gives the Real Estate Agent an opportunity to begin the conversation and nurture that Lead instead of having to wait for that one day for the Buyer or Seller to call you. That’s if they call YOU. 

Our Real Estate Agent client becomes that “Top of Mind” Agent.

My business Coach doesn’t like me saying this, but Follow Up Results has been a Grass Roots growing business. It has been growing steadily by sending out our Real Estate Agents marketing to their database.  When other Real Estate Agents see what our clients are getting from us, they inquire about it.  Every day I receive requests for an appointment for a presentation.  We created a plan based on this growth by rewarding our own Real Estate Agent clients.  Our plan is simple.  For every Real Estate Agent that signs up with Follow Up Results because they read a client of ours marketing emails, we give our Client a FREE Month of our service.  Some our clients have received up to 10 or 11 Months of our service for FREE.

Follow Up Results continues to grow and incorporate new ideas to help our Real Estate Agent clients.  And we love it!

Getting back to my Coach, he says I’m thinking too small and that there are too many Real Estate Agents that really need and want our Service.  We owe it to them AND their clients to help them!

I hope that you and I will talk soon to see how Follow Up Results can be of service to you.

Richie Laser
CEO, Follow Up Results