Liz-McDermott“I have told so many agents about Follow up results and how awesome you are! I was on a panel and they were asking me to share best practices on how I “follow up” with my sphere. I let them know that Follow up results has not only kept me in touch with my wonderful clients but it has helped me to provide value to them along the way!” – Liz


unnamed-4“Last month I got a call from someone who wanted me to list 4 properties for him.  I just found out that he chose me because he receives my FUR newsletter so he knew I was active in the market.  We’re closing on all 4 tomorrow.  It will be a happy Thanksgiving for me!

Thanks everyone !!! ”


unnamed-1“I just wanted to share with you that I got another lead from FUR through my market report! I’ve trimmed the fat on all marketing and kept FUR. 95% of my business is repeat and referral. I’m so glad I met you through Randy Cooney’s 15 keys to success class 2 years ago. I don’t know why more agents aren’t doing it but if someone asked me what my ‘secret’ was, it would certainly be FUR!”


unnamed-3“The Rider Elite Team has been using Follow Up Results for 2 ½ years, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the product and the outstanding service we get from them.

In the years that we have used FUR, our open rates and our click through rates on our Newsletters and Market Reports, have steadily increased.  We are consistently 5%-6% ahead of industry average open rates for these types of emails.

In addition, over the years, Follow Up Results has taken the initiative to update and freshen the look of our marketing pieces, offer suggestions for new pieces (such as a year-long program for Holidays), and tips to improve our Social Media presence.

Truly, having Follow Up Results as part of our team, and the absolutely personal attention they give to our marketing, has been invaluable to our business.

They are a big part of how we are able to stay in the top 100 Teams in Keller Williams, a company that has over 110,000 agents!

Thank you for all you do for us!”


unnamed“Thanks, Richie.  Already sent the first guy his CMA yesterday.  We just sold him his house 3 months ago and he wants to refi.

The lady below, Diana, I just sent her a personal email and I’ll call her later.

The last one is someone we are listing next week.

This is awesome!

Love this!!”


unnamed-2“We couldn’t be more pleased with our Follow Up Results experience.  We tried for years to get an email program going without success.  Along comes Richie Laser and we are up and running.  They made it easy.”


unnamed-1“Hi Richie,

One of the NY agents referred his parents to me who Are looking to relocate to palm beach county. They got my market report and figured I was an expert in the palm beach area…love when this happens!!

Videos really making a difference as well

Your service is by far generating the best ROI I’ve experienced throughout my 17 years in biz. I’m encouraging all my new agents to sign up”



I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service and the results that my team and I get from Follow Up Results!! I love that I can customize my newsletter or just have your team put it together for me if I get to busy to deal with it. My team also really likes the ability to have their picture on my newsletter and have it go out to their data base for a reduced price since they are part of the Mendoza Team. Thanks again Richie for coming up with Follow Up Results!!”


060af6ba-c808-470a-a034-caa63bf9e3c7“Since hiring Follow up Results I have cohesive branding that I’ve never had before. When my first newsletter went out I instantly received a call from a past client whose mother in law is now an agent. He saw my marketing and they decided to hire me. That $10,000 commission has more than covered the costs of hiring Follow Up. In addition, agents email me regularly asking about my branding and marketing. I send them to Follow up and last year I only paid for a few months thanks to their referral program! Our whole S4 Group team is now using the marketing and each agent has had the same results I did. You can’t afford NOT to use them!”


9244f881-df58-4417-bd70-f0be47a8105a“I’ve been in real estate for 14 years, and absolutely know the value of past clients……They’ve already experienced my awesomeness!  But like a lot of us, once I closed the deal, I moved onto the next one and never call, write or email my previous clients ever again – It’s amazing how hard some of them have worked trying to find me!  At the beginning of 2014 a colleague and I were discussing how much business I was probably losing, and she told me to listen to Richie Laser’s pitch……

I reluctantly sat down with Richie and boy am I glad that I did!

At least monthly since my newsletters have gone out I’ve gotten a minimum of one lead…….This week alone – two (and that’s from last month’s newsletter!).

It’s like printing money.”


58bf8cc2-a4bc-4215-a6cc-d658e821457c“I highly recommend Richie Laser and Follow Up Results.  We looked for a newsletter for literally a year before pulling the trigger as we did not just want a newsletter but a newsletter that was customizable and trackable.  One of the best parts of the Follow Up Results newsletter is the analytics.  The data is powerful!  Specific and tangible that allows us to add another stream of lead generation.  Additionally, we are using these analytics for warm calls to re-engage with our sphere.  The system is easy to manage and they do most of the work.  This is a great ROI!  We are also using them to redesign and implement a new email signature card.  The team at Follow Up Results has been great.  At each level the team member has been personable and easy to deal with always keeping us front of mind.  Thanks…”


unnamed“Thanks Richie!

We have reached out to these people.  Actually, we have quite a bit of success with FUR!  Touching all of our past, present and future clients systematically with quality and meaningful content is invaluable!  

Thank you!”