Services Summary

Here’s a summary of things we will do for you…and by the way, these are things that you probably are not doing for yourself or not consistently. I know that you are busy. I know how painful it is to do. You see, I’m a Realtor too.

I understand your everyday activities, your time restraints and issues. You need to be Lead Generating! So, what will Follow Up Results do for you? We help build your database using any number of different Contact Management Systems.  We may recommend a different one than the one you use due to functionality. We then properly and completely enter and scrub all your contacts on a spreadsheet. Your contacts may currently exist in a variety of places: in paper files, Gmail, Yahoo, MLS, or Outlook. Once all your contacts are cleaned up they are then exported to an email server that we use. Then, they can be easily managed and can be fed our effective marketing programs. We arrange your contacts into categories and will assign them to either a couple of different programs, a 33 Touch, and Real Estate Referral 12 Touch Program.

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Some Details

  • We’ll create Custom Branded Marketing plans (Will touch Contacts 38 x a year with Newsletters, Local Market Reports, 8 Holiday messages , Listing and Open House Flyers. *All readable on Mobile Devices
  • We’ll implement these marketing programs for you. We do, not you, not an Admin. Admins come and go.
  • We’ll post all your Newsletters and Market Reports on Social Media Sites (Facebook & Twitter)
  • We’ll send you Buyer and Seller Leads, from our marketing.

You must work on Lead Generating for new prospects and converting those leads while we Cultivate your database’s contacts, creating a pipeline of Future Repeat and Referral business for you.


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Our Mission and Values

Mission  Providing our Real Estate Agent clients a way to leverage and exponentially grow their business through our personally managed, systematic marketing system to their database, allowing them to focus on the 20% of their time on dollar productive activities that will give them the 80% of the results they seek. To keep our clients Top of Mind at all times, to get the most Repeat and Referral business from their database.

Vision  To be The Top Real Estate Agents in the Country’s Choice to Cultivate Leads from their database into Transactions and building a True Repeat and Referral Business.

Values  We value our Follow Up Results Clients, their Sphere of Influence and the Real Estate Goals of Both

Beliefs  We Always believe in a Win-Win-Win for our clients, their Sphere of Influence and Follow Up Results

Perspective  Follow Up Results is a Lead Cultivation service company for Real Estate Agents that identifies Buyer and Seller Leads within their own database before those prospects seek help from another Realtor allowing our clients to begin the conversation first.  We cultivate Past, Current and future leads into Transactions.